It all began with a trip ... that changed my life! (Giuliani Giulio)


For more than 60 age, Marron Glace Chocolate Factory & Giuliani is passionately dedicated to the art of developing high quality products such as handmade Marrons Glacés, Chocolates for every taste, Fruit stuffed, Dried Fruit, Fruit Jellies, Creams and Jams.
All products of the Factory Marron Glace & Chocolates are carefully handcrafted Giuliani. The ingredients are carefully selected with experience to ensure the quality and goodness.

The production entirely handcrafted, careful research of the ingredients, the use of raw materials and care in creating exquisite products carries, greedy and not, in a fabulous world where food becomes an idyllic experience.

Enter the world of the Chocolate Factory Marron Glace & Giuliani and begins to explore the varied products, all delicious and taste delicious!

The Chocolate Factory Marron Glace & Giuliani provides services to companies, catering per eventi, openings and supplies for bakeries or restaurants. To find recipes for desserts, pies and novelty or curiosity about the world of chocolate and glazed chestnuts, Visit the section dedicated to our blog.

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