The Giuliani

It all begins with a journey
and a secret wish

from 1949

It all begins with a journey and a secret wish that fulfilled the desire of a lifetime.

Giulio Giuliani set out on the journey that would change his life in the 40s. Determined to give professionalism to his passion, he leaves for Switzerland to learn the art of the artisanal production of Marron Glacé and Chocolates, already known and appreciated by the greatest pastry chefs.

In 1949 he’s back in Italy where he brings the art of glazed chestnut to Rome, opening the Marron Glacé & Cioccolatini Artisanal Factory in the Prati district: a landmark for all chocolate lovers to this day.

He directs with his son Giovanni the Marron Glacé and Chocolates laboratory located at no. 67 of Via Paolo Emilio where it’s possible to taste and buy the delicacies they produce.  Il punto vendita è diretto dalla moglie Agnese, dalla figlia Anna e dalla nuora Francesca. The retail shop is directed by his wife Agnese, his daughter Anna and his daughter-in-law Francesca.

In 2011 Giovanni Giuliani receives the “Premio Maestro dell’Artigianato” (Master of Crafts award).

The honorary title is an official recognition given by the Municipality of Rome to the capital’s enterprises that not only contribute to the Roman economy but also enhance and pass on professionalism, tradition and artistic inspiration of an endangered artisanal reality.

The artisanal production

For 70 years, the Giuliani Chocolate shop has been passionately dedicated to the crafting art of creating high quality products such as Marrons Glacés, Chocolates suitable for every palate, Stuffed fruit, Dried fruit, Creams and Jams.

The key to success is a combination between quality and skills: from choosing good raw materials to a carefully crafted manufacturing process.

The long process for the creation of Marrons Glacés starts with the right choice of chestnuts.
In order to obtain a perfectly successful Marron Glacé, one that does not shatter, the best Marrons, originally from the region of Campania, are first boiled and then subjected to candying: a long process involving their immersion in sugared water for days. The Marrons are then taken, one by one, to be baked or covered with pure chocolate.

On the other hand, the tasty chocolates of the Giuliani Chocolate shop are created using gluten-free pure chocolate from the faraway Guayaquil, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, through artisanal processing. Finally, among other specialties: crystallized violets (real or sugar-made), stuffed fruit with almond paste, candied fruit, nougats and fruit jellies are some of the delicacies produced by the Giuliani Chocolate shop.

All of Giuliani products are gluten-free. Their making does not include the use of flour and the production of icing sugar takes place inside a completely starch-free laboratory.

The “Marron Glacé Factory & Giuliani Chocolates” evokes past times and hands down a taste for tradition, cultivating the art and passion for Marron Glacé and chocolates.

The totally handmade production, the careful research for ingredients, the use of raw materials and the care in creating exquisite products, brings both those with a sweet tooth and not, in a fabulous world where food becomes an idyllic experience. Their making does not include the use of flour and the production of icing sugar takes place inside a completely starch-free laboratory.

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